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Case Studies

Quantify the Return of your Training Budget

ReMission consultants work closely with client managers to determine baseline performance metrics that can be tracked and measured post workshops so HR, Executive Management and Boards of Directors/Ownership has a straightforward and quantifiable Return On Investment for training.  These baseline and benchmark measurements pre-training and 120 days to 1 year post training demonstrate the effectiveness and hard dollar value gained from trainings such as Time & Team Effectiveness, Presentations Excellence and Executive Group Cohesion.

Real Estate—Sales, Management & Admin Support

Organization: Exit Great Beginnings

“Working with ReMission Consulting has been truly valuable for me as a business owner and sales leader.  Since working with ReMission, my entire team’s transactions have increased over 100% year to date, making us the fastest growing office in our region.  My office has increased the level of effectiveness of processes and has become a more professional and more consistent business.  Well worth the time and money, I would highly recommend any small or medium sized business owner or CEO to work with ReMission.”

—Kathy Ahlin, Broker/Owner, Exit Realty Great Beginnings.

Manufacturing & Distribution—Senior Management, Management, Sales & Office Staff

Organization: Global Protection Corp.

“Our business has grown by over 40%, and what’s better; I sleep through the night now. Before the North Star Leadership System, I worried about projects, reporting and team effectiveness. ReMission’s system has introduced awareness, accountability and results into our culture like never before.”

—Davin Wedel, President, Global Protection Corp.

Professional Services—Board of Directors, Executive & Middle Management, Entire Staff

Organization: Top Five, High Tech Research & Consulting Firm.

“Remission’s management and leadership training has changed the culture of our company. Their training has made us much more effective and efficient. Absolutely worth the time and cost.”

— President

Health Care—Ownership, Executive, Middle Management, Clinical Staff, Office Staff & all Operational Staff

Organization: Summit Health NH.

“ReMission has helped our team better understand our roles in making Summit Health a success, in building relationships with our clients and our community. My company has become more profitable in the time after our workshop with ReMission’s team. Totally worth the time and cost. Without a doubt.”

—Lisa Charest, CEO Summit Health New Hampshire

Financial Services, Software Developer—Board of Directors, Executive & Middle Management, All Global Staff

Organization: Top 5 Financial Services, Software Developer

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it possible. ReMission transformed our culture in about 90 days. The Monday after our first group held their two-day offsite we became a different company, for the better.”

—Vice President