Company Overview:

  • Multi-site organization with divergent organizational cultures at various locations
  • Management struggles relative to medicaid/medicare reimbursement profitability and employee culture opposed to “corporate profit”
  • Legacy systems not compliant with ACA regualtions

1 Year post workshop RESULTS:

  • Team embracing NEW relationships beyond medicaid/medicare constituency
  • Clinician Utilization up to maximum sustainable rate of 85% from 62%
  • New Management structure in place
  • New electronic medical records systems deployed with 100% employee compliance

Company Testimonial:

“ReMission has helped our team better understand our roles in making Summit Health a success, in building relationships with our clients and our community. My company has become more profitable in the time after our workshop with ReMission’s team. Totally worth the time and cost. Without a doubt.”

—Lisa Charest, CEO Summit Health New Hampshire


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