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Our Philosophy

Typical consulting services and training have an inherent challenge …

Consulting and training engagements often end up like painting over rusted metal.  Things may look good for a while, but then the bad old habits and behaviors come back again.

With typical consulting and training, you may realize a short term bump in performance at best, but then the challenges of the past reappear, just like rust blooming through the new paint.


At ReMission we take a different approach to leveraging your team’s potential. The root of every organization’s strengths are the same as their weaknesses: personal and corporate habits, culture & belief systems.

We support you and your team in enhancing the habits, cultural elements and belief systems that WORK and eliminate and replace the ones that don’t with MORE POWERFUL habits and beliefs.

Habits, Culture and Beliefs lead to our current successes, yet ultimately limit how far we can grow, how successful our organizations will be. Good becomes the enemy of great.

Our single focus at ReMission is the success of your TEAM.  Our customers have come to expect unfailing honesty and a ruthless determination to maximize your corporate, team and individual potential.

We then MEASURE the success of your engagement by baseline and benchmark reports on key performance metrics, leading indicators and other behavior-driven milestones.  Pre-engagement and post engagement measurement of these key business data points provides you with EMPIRICAL DATA to gauge precise return, improvement as well as identify future points of possible focus.  Sample case studies of the metrics we have tracked and successes our clients have enjoyed can be found on our case studies page.

We help you root out performance behaviors that don’t work and replace them with what does, then measure it to make certain it worked.

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