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Corporate Culture

ROI from Managing and Stewarding Corporate Culture

Developing and strengthening business leadership and cultural strength and adaptability empirically increases net growth and over-all value of a company, by as much as 900%, according to studies conducted by HR.com and its affiliates.

Increasing team morale and creating a place people want to work has evidenced “equity returns that were 3.5% per year higher than those of their peers, indicating that employee satisfaction correlates positively with shareholder returns, says Alex Edmans of the Wharton School. The results of his study of companies from 1984 through 2009 also indicate that, contrary to prior research, employee satisfaction need not represent managerial slack, Edmans says.”

Real bang for your time and money.

Qualities such as adaptability, innovation and resilience all stem from a strong, healthy and effective corporate culture. Retention of key talent, decreasing employee turn-over, decreasing costs and shifting an organization to a client-centric approach have all been accomplished with a focused strategy of corporate culture management and stewardship.

And yes, profitability, too can increase well above and beyond traditional year over year increases.

The question is, can your organization benefit from proactively managing and stewarding its corporate culture?

“If more corporations truly measured the value and impact of leadership and culture on their bottom lines, they would invest more in developing leaders and creating high performing cultures, instead of just paying lip service to it,” says Debbie McGrath, CEO, HR.com

ReMission Consulting has developed proven methods for addressing the three main influencers on corporate culture, 1) Institutional Memory 2) Individual Beliefs and Habits and 3) Leadership. Through ReMission’s highly interactive and engaged approach to adapting culture and individual beliefs, significant turn-arounds within diverse firms have been experienced. From Wall Street firms, software companies, high tech and consulting firms to manufacturers and hospitality, all are capable of changing their culture for the better.

Only you know if investing in creating a powerful culture centered around ownership of results, integrity and personal responsibility is worth exploring. The results from our clients have evidenced that it has been for them. It may very well be worth a conversation or a meeting with one of our lead facilitators and consultants to discuss exactly how ReMission has delivered value far above and beyond the investment in the process of adapting your corporate culture.

In a proven process that takes as little as three months, your organization can be operating on a whole new level. We know what our clients were up against, and how, with the right tools, skills and new institutional memories they experienced, they were all able to turn their organizations around.

“Thank you for the invaluable experience going through our cultural training has provided. Hearing the honesty and personal connection to our firm from all of the staff, how what we do at work shapes their lives, and feeling it at such a powerful level has changed me as a leader and manager. We are a far better company now for the work we have done with ReMission,” said Jan F., VP Operations, of an international technology company in the Boston area.

The following data summarizes the impact of adaptive culture for the upper and lower quartiles of companies participating in this study. This financial growth was measured from 1996 to 2004.

Net Income Growth:

  • Adaptive Corporate Culture 989%
  • Non-Adaptive Corporate Culture -47%

Net Income Index Growth:

  • Adaptive Corporate Culture 11.5
  • Non-Adaptive Corporate Culture 1.7

Stock Price Growth:

  • Adaptive Corporate Culture 204%
  • Non-Adaptive Corporate Culture 70%

The central finding of this study is that investing in strengthening leadership and culture to improve adaptability can have a significant impact on the long term financial performance of a company.

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