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Leadership, Performance & Engagement — Elevate your team's outcomes by elevating your team!

Combining the most effective training methodology with research-based content, ReMission Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of training services to elevate employee engagement, deepen client relationships and strengthen leadership skills across every level of your company.

Presentations Excellence

Communication in every area of business is critical. Basic and Advanced Presentations Excellence programs are available in both public and private workshops.  Additionally, Sales Presentations Excellence, Advanced Presentations Excellence and customized solutions are available to meet your company’s unique needs.

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Delegation Mastery

Delegation is the critical point of interaction between manager and direct report. Done well and you see high employee engagement, done poorly and disengagement, high turn-over and low morale are the norm.  Give your managers the tools they need for your team to succeed.

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Executive Group Cohesion

Executive leaders often create amazing results as individual performers and as leaders of their business unit or department.  Put them together and the same skills that drove early success too often create discord and unnecessary strife in the board room.

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Leadership for Performance Management

Combining our most effective leadership training methodology with research-based insights into motivation, employee engagement and self-awareness, Leadership for Performance Management brings critical leadership skills to your managers. Help your managers lead so they can engage their staff consistently.

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Time & Team Effectiveness

Build a cohesive and effective team, department by department, in your organization by helping staff and manager alike gain critical self-awareness, communication and decision making skills that bring their efforts into harmony with one another.  Remove obstacles to collaboration, teamwork and minimize procrastination in a fun, dynamic and powerful one or two day program, depending on needs.

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Consultative Selling

Building and nurturing a strong and long-lasting relationship with your clients is critical for business success. Give your sales team the consultative questioning, listening and closing skills they need to create higher margin, longer lasting client relationships.

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