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Executive Group Cohesion

Executive Group Cohesion—It Starts at the Top

Highly driven, successful and capable. Doesn’t play well with others.  Sound familiar?

Executive leaders often create amazing results as individual performers and as leaders of their business unit or department.  When they come together as a team to establish clarity of corporate purpose, goals & budgets, and strategy, the very skills that drive their career often lead to challenging interactions at the top.

ReMission Consulting’s Executive Group Cohesion program focuses on the key qualities that drive highly successful teams by first delivering a two-phase assessment of the Executive Group’s cohesion.  Delivered via a qualitative assessment and quantitative interviews, the benchmark provides executives a start point on their quest to achieve the highest level of effectiveness possible.

Dynamic and interactive workshops are developed to enhance individual’s self-awareness in actionable and meaningful ways.

The Executive Group will measurably increase in:

  • Collective responsibility for company RESULTS
  • ACCOUNTABLE: Provides, hears & acts on candid feedback
  • COMMITMENT to company & group first
  • Healthy, professional CONFLICT
  • TRUSTS the members of the group

Benchmark assessment of the Executive Group Cohesion informs the scale and scope; most include one-on-one meetings with executives, group meetings and one to two day off-site retreats.  Post retreat follow-up assessment will quantify the executive group’s progress and identify areas of focus.

This highly customized program, often delivered in conjunction with ReMission Consulting’s Performance Management Leadership and/or Time & Team Effectiveness, creates committed, company-focused leaders with a clear and concrete set of Aspirational and Tactical Goals to drive near term success.

Delivered by master facilitators with years of experience guiding C-Level Executives, these programs achieve cohesion, unity of purpose and transparent accountability that will drive success for your organization.

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