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Leadership for Performance Management

Manage to Perform; Lead to Engage

What’s the largest competitive advantage in your industry?  Any industry?

According to management experts like Drucker and Lencioni, the biggest advantage for any company in any industry is highly engaged employees lead by engagement-minded managers and executives.

The trouble is, most managers know what engagement is, but almost none know how to foster it.

Most managers lack the self-awareness and ability to accept feedback necessary to effectively lead groups of modern workers.

Leadership for Performance Management delivers comprehensive and tactical self-awareness to attendees so they can fully implement the five keys to employee engagement as managing supervisors and executives.

Attendees will learn these essentials:

  • Five Keys to Employee Engagement
  • Providing and Hearing Feedback
  • Motivation Theory and Application
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Standards of Performance Coaching
  • Goal Setting, Alignment & Accountability
  • Cross-department Collaboration
  • Managing Up

What’s included?

  • Leadership for Performance Management attendees will receive a comprehensive workbook to augment and support the two-day workshop.  Additionally, each attendee will be coached into establishing a tactical 90 day goal which will be shared with the group and their reporting supervisor/executive.
  • Senior Management / Human Resources discovery session with follow up teleconference meetings to determine challenges, goals and specific outcomes of program.
  • ON SITE: Two-day workshop(s).
  • Senior Management follow-up session for measurement of ROI.

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