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Time & Team Effectiveness

Time & Team Effectiveness—a positive, results oriented culture drives performance

How do you build a positive, results oriented corporate culture?

How do you manage change in a way that creates enrollment, support and buy-in at every level?

Can you really turn your entire company around in less than 90 Days?

Why would you invest in CULTURE?

  • High engagement cultures employees outperform disengaged competition by 20% to 28% (Conference Board, 2006)
  • Organizations with highly engaged employees share prices rose by 16 percent vs. industry average of 6% (Serota Consulting, 2005)
  • Disengagement cost up to $270 billion (Gallup 2003-2012)
  • Disengaged Culture’s corporate net profit fell by 1.4% and operating margin fell by 2.01% over a three-year period (ISR study 2003)
  • Engaged Culture’s corporate operating margins rose by 3.74% over a three year-period (ISR study 2003)

TIME & TEAM EFFECTIVENESS does this through a very interactive, fun and challenging two-day program for the entire staff after engaging senior leadership in identifying key challenges and exploring and creating specific, measureable goals to measure the return on the investment and over-all success of the program.


Tactical self-awareness allows for the acceptance and full use of new concepts, ideas and techniques.  Discover personal and group beliefs and habits that both create success and limit improvement so you and your entire organization can:

  • Increase Communication Skills in a Practical, Results-oriented Way
  • Uncover Challenges to Accomplishing Goals
  • Discover Pathways to Greater Achievement
  • Foster an Environment of Collaboration & Mutual Gain
  • Breakdown “Silos” and barriers in and between Departments and Functional Groups
  • Drive Process Improvements through Responsible Leadership
  • Increase revenue growth and profit margin by minimizing the inter-personal friction that causes delays, cost-overruns and customer dis-satisfaction

Practice these skills and more through a two day, experiential and practical workshop.


Create meaningful, transparent and effective systems to reinforce new habits, support goal achievement and increase enterprise-wide communication.


Measure the success of the initiative, as well as model future leadership techniques to continually drive increases in team and interpersonal effectiveness within the organization.

TIME & TEAM EFFECTIVENESS empowers leaders and team members alike to discover the challenges within a team and delivers new habits and behaviors to support pre-identified values and ideals.

TIME & TEAM EFFECTIVENESS has been proven to lower operating costs within clients, increase client retention and support teams in achieving large, intimidating goals.

Proactively manage your team’s culture today!

What’s included?

Organizational Health/Employee Engagement Benchmark & Follow-up: Quantitatively measure how healthy your team is prior to engagement, then 90 days post workshops, re-examine the your health to find what’s improved and how to sustain those gains.

ON SITE: Senior Management discovery session with follow up teleconference meetings to determine challenges, goals and specific outcomes of program.

OFF SITE: Two-day cross-departmental organization wide workshop(s).

ON SITE: Senior Management follow-up session for measurement of ROI.

SUPPORT: Senior facilitator availability through the first 90 days of roll-out.

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